Distance Learning Association

Stream 2: Informal Learning

For those not planning on pursuit of academic qualifications per se (but who are pursuing personal interests in early modern history options), we offer materials and guidance in the form of either: A.) Those modules offered in the academic stream (without the exam focused material); and/or, B.) Those modules matching previous Edexcel specifications (without the exam focused materials) from the list below (all including one Skype-based tutorial hour):

Unit 1: The Wars of the Roses in England, 1455-1485

Unit 2: The Reign of Henry VII, 1485-1509

Unit 3: The King’s Faithful Servant? (The Age of Wolsey, 1509-29)

Unit 4: A Very English Reformation (The Church and Henry VIII, 1529-47)

Unit 5: Henry VIII: Authority, Nation and Religion, 1509-40

Unit 6: The Crisis of the Tudor State, 1547-58

Unit 7: Settlement and Security: (Elizabethan England, 1558-88)

Unit 8: The Tudor State, 1485-1603

Unit 9: Calvin and Calvinism to 1572

Unit 10: Meeting the Challenge? The Catholic Reformation, c.1540-1600

Unit 11: Personal Rule and the Crisis of Monarchy in Britain, 1629-42

Unit 12: The World Turned Upside Down: Monarchy and Republic in England, 1642-53

Unit 13: The Sun King in Splendour: France under Louis XIV, 1661-88