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Dr Pryor studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge for a B.A., continuing there for an M.Phil and subsequently for a PhD, specialising in Palaeolithic archaeology. Alex is currently working on a post-doctoral research project at the University of Southampton, studying the Palaeolithic origins of food storage technology in the European Gravettian. He has excavated at sites across Europe, dating to a range of periods including Dolní Vĕstonice, Pavlov, Předmostí (all from the Czech Republic), Kostenki (Russia), and Çatalhöyük (Turkey).


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Pryor, A.J.E., Steele, M., Jones, M.K., Svoboda, J. and Beresford-Jones, D.G. (2013), “Plant foods in the Upper Palaeolithic at Dolní Vĕstonice? Parenchyma redux”, in Antiquity, 87 (338), 971-984.

Pryor, A.J.E. (2008), “Following the fat: food and mobility in the European Upper Palaeolithic 45,000 to 18,000 BP”, in Archaeological Review from Cambridge, 23 (2), 161-179.